The Fire Within!

This was the first book by Chris D’lacey   and I don’t really get into many books such as the Nancy Drew series and many other famous well-loved books, and I didn’t think that I would get into this type of fiction. But surprisingly I did, it has the right ratio of reality to fiction. I give this book 11/10 . I had a go at writing blurb. I hope you enjoy!

The Fire Within!

I’m under strict instructions to write a happy ending. Rule number ninety-seven: You’re not allowed to make a dragon cry.”
“Right,” Said Sophie, starting the engine. “Tears might quench their fire.”  

 When David Rain moves in Elizabeth Pennykettle – and her 10-year-old daughter in Wayward Crescent his moving-in present  is a green, clay dragon with a notebook and pen, Gazdooks . He befriends Lucy Pennykettle  and helps her save her ‘pet’ squirrel,  but with their anti-rodent neighbour they find that extremely hard !

David starts writing a story about Conker [the ‘pet’ squirrel] meaning it to be a complete fictional story but that is not the case . Even though Davids the author , his dragon  is the inspiration. However, when David starts ignoring Gazdooks completely- the fire within him starts to extinguish  slowly. Only David can save Gazdooks, and he must do it quickly otherwise Gazdooks will be gone forever

David finishes the first few chapters of Conker just in time for Lucy’s eleventh birthday . After a couple of months they finally find Conker and with him a new friend the ever mischievous : Snigger.However when they take Conker to the vets for a  checkup they find out something life changing …



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