The Wolf Wilder !

                                                        Once upon a time, a hundred years ago,    

there was a dark and stormy girl.

Her name was Feodora.

This is her story.

Once upon a time , there was a wolf wilder called Marina Petronova; this is not about her, it’s about what her daughter did to save her.

In Russia ,1905, it was suitable to keep wolves as  ‘pets’ they were domesticated [to a certain extent]. They were: fattened, made to dance on their hind legs and forced to do other inhumane things. When aristocrats got bored with them, they’d send them to a wolf wilder . This is where our story starts.

One day three of the Imperial Army’s ,one of them being General Rakov, accuse one of the Petronova  wolves of killing an elk , Feo’s life’s turned upside down. Rakov’s men brutally slaughter ta wolf that Feo has almost wilded. They come after them and arrest Marina , and try to kill Feo as she blinds on of Rakov’s eyes; she escapes. While Feodora was wilding the recently arrived she-wolf it gives birth, the only other witness is soldier in training [but a dancer at heart] : Illya.

She flees with him on their journey to St Petersburg and on their way they meet revolutionist-hopeful  : Alexie. They storm into St Petersburg with their army.

Will Feodora win?

Will mother and daughter meet again?

Will the wolves finally be left alone?



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