Alice in Wonderland Part 2

After that Alice visits a Duchesses house and the cook uses so much pepper in the soup that it makes everyone awfully angry all except the Cheshire cat -a cat that always grins and can vanish into thin air. Alice soon finds out that the Duchess is not very nice as she aims a saucepan at her head and narrowly misses. Also the duchess is nursing what at first seems to be a baby but is actually a PIG!

While travelling onwards she meets a: mad March Hare; drowsy Dormouse and the magnificent Mad Hatter who are having a tea party ,the hatter asks her a riddle, “How are a raven and a writing desk the same”, a question he hasn’t got an answer to either. When she leaves she stumbles into the Queen of Heart’s courtyard where she finds a pack of card painting a white rose-bush red. The next few chapters consists of: Alice having an unusual croquet game with the Queen and her acquaintances ; the Queen taking her to the Mock turtle and Gryphon’s house where they tell her about lessons under the sea and the Lobster Quadrille.

The last event to take place was the Trial. The Queen of Hearts had made some tarts and accused  the Knave of Hearts of stealing the tart and then putting them back. First up on the stand was the Hatter who shook like mad , next was the cook and so on until Alice who loses her temper.

Will Alice survive, or will she be beheaded?




















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