Alice in Wonderland Part 1

I would recommend Alice in Wonderland to anyone who loves: fantasy, imagination and nonsense , because this book is full of it. Starting with the White rabbit wearing a waistcoat till the very end when the  Queen wants Alice’s head chopped of ! However even though its extremely exciting  it can get quite monotonous.

I enjoyed the book thoroughly , but if I had to pick the best parts [in my opinion] they would be :a-when Alice is falling the down the rabbit hole and ponders over the questions ‘Do cats eat bats’ and vice versa; b- when Alice joins the royal croquet game where the mallets are LIVE flamingos and LIVE hedgehogs are the balls, the hoops are the guards [cards] doubled up and the field is full of ridges and last but not least when the Queen takes Alice to see the Mock Turtle and Gryphon and they  teach her the Lobster Quadrille and tell her about lessons under the sea.

The first chapter is about Alice following a White Rabbit down a rabbit hole and falling      [slower than possible] down into Wonderland but on the way she notices that the hole is filled with cupboards and shelves that contain maps books, candles, pictures and even hold a marmalade jar which-to Alice’s dismay is empty. She finally falls an a heap of dry sticks and leaves with a BOING !

The next few chapters include: Alice being locked in a with a glass table with a tiny golden key upon it a small cake saying ‘eat me’ which makes her bigger and a small bottle of elixir  which makes her smaller; Alice almost drowning in a pool of tears that she wept when she was  10 ft tall and being saved by a dormouse and having a Corkers race with: mice , a dodo, an elephant and many other wonderful creatures.





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