Journey to the River Sea

Journey to the River Sea is a book that  I would recommend to anyone who likes adventure . It is about an orphaned girl , called Maia, whose only family live half way across the world in a place in Brazil called Manaus with the Amazon rainforest at their doorstep. I wrote another blurb. ENJOY!

An orphan ,whose name is Maia, sets off on an adventure of a life time .Her only family live in Manaus, which is halfway across the world .The Carters have two twins ,called Gwendolyn and Beatrice, on the outside they look like two sweet, little girls with chubby cheeks and golden curls, but on the inside they’re actually selfish little brats who don’t even like each other.

Maia befriends an orphaned actor named Curtis, he was adopted by an acting group called ‘The Pilgrim Players’ but he is dying to get back to his foster-mother. She also finds a friend in a boy called Finn Taverner whose grandfather wants to take him back to Westwood estate back in England. Curtis wants to take Finn’s place.

Will Maia ever belong? Will the plan work?


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