Murder Most Unladylike!


‘Murder Most Unladylike’ is not for people who are: easily frightened , fainthearted or for people who have nightmares easily. However I  thoroughly enjoyed it even though I was petrified at some of the parts. I chose this book from my class library because 1, I really wanted to read a murder mystery and 2, because my teacher Mr Parry ‘recommended’ it to me. I had a go writing a blurb for it. Hope you enjoy .

Murder Most Unladylike!!!

“Are you sure we shouldn’t just go to the police?” I asked .”Don’t be stupid ,” said Daisy severely. We don’t have any evidence yet. We don’t even have a body . They’d simply laugh at us . And anyway, this is our murder case”.

The ‘Wells and Wong Detective society’ is set up by  Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells. The most exciting case so far was the case of ‘Lavinia’s missing tie’. When Miss Bells murder occurs Hazel  finds her sprawled across gym floor. At first Hazel thinks she’s fainted but when she tries to wake her up Miss Bells head rolls to the side, revealing the masses of blood . As fast as she can Hazel sprints to get help but when they come back the body has vanished!

The only person to believe her is [ her best friend and president of the detective society] Daisy Wells. But soon they have to unravel yet another murder. Now two of their mistresses are murdered, and they fear they are next.

Will their friendship stand the test? Will the culprit be found? Will they survive?



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