The Clockwork Sparrow

The Clockwork Sparrow, by Katherine Woodfine, is a book that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys crime and mystery. At the start there is a murder, it makes you think that the whole book is just about that. However, in reality it is actually about the theft of a jewelled clockwork sparrow.

The most enthralling parts for me, started from when Sophie was kidnapped and taken to the Baron’s dilapidated house to the last chapter when; Sophie re-hired, Billy promoted and Joe hired as a stable boy/groom. The most monotonous parts were the first chapters as nothing happened until the murder. The first four chapters were kind of like a prologue.

My favourite characters were Sophie and Lilian. Because Lil was just a model and others thought that she was ditzy, however, she turned out to be the smartest and proved everyone wrong including her parents. She played an imperative part in solving the crime. I felt sorry for Sophie at first because she was an orphan and had no relatives. She was accused of committing the theft and saved her job and integrity in the end.

I give this book 5/5 rating




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