Shallow Graves

Shallow graves is written by Jennifer Donnelly and is one of the best thriller/murder/crime books that I have ever read. It is set in New York but not New YOrk as we know it, no, this New York is from the late 1800s. Josephine Montfort has just lost her father, Charles Montfort accidentally killed himself …

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Holes is a great modern classic  written by Louis Sachar.  I didn't think I would enjoy this book because I'm more into the murder/crime/detective genre. However I thought this is an amazing read. It's set in 1998. It all starts with the narrator telling us about Stanley Yelnats' ride to Camp Green Lake. This will indefinitely …

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The Wolf Wilder !

                                                        Once upon a time, a hundred years ago,     there was a dark and stormy girl. Her name was Feodora. This is her story. Once upon a time , there was a wolf wilder called Marina Petronova; this is not about her, it's about what her daughter did to save her. In Russia ,1905, it …

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